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Roger Sayre

September 4th, 2013

Aeosop’s Dog- Roger Sayre

Roger Sayre is a professor and ¬†artist who has swept crowds off their feet with the creative use of light and shadow. Sayre instructs at Pace University and has been featured in dozens of exhibitions across the country. In the image above, Aeosop’s Dog, Sayre hangs tennis balls and biscuits from a metal gate in front of a light source, thus casting a shadow of a dog staring at the treats in front of it. In some of his other works, such as The Flight Series, he uses light as an aid to create patterns on paper. The use of photographic chemicals helps predict how much light was absorbed through the paper; the darker the area, the more light the area was exposed to. Sayre’s style is sort of similar to Man Ray’s because it uses light as the main source. The light gives the pieces life.


When I saw Aeosop’s Dog, I began wondering how long it couldve taken Sayre to get the biscuits just right to make the shadow. As a person who cant even make shadow hand puppets, I would’ve gotten frustrated to no end if I had the task of creating something as elaborate as a dog!¬†The Flight Series reminded me a lot of Man Ray’s rayograms scanograms because the final products look like photographs. Sitting is also similar because of the use of an old fashioned camera to create one-hour exposures. Overall I can see why Mr. Sayre is an art professor at an upscale university, he seems like a very bright man.

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