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“Dextro and the Crunchtastics” -Based on a Dream by Amber May

October 12th, 2013

For years the danger-prone city of Glucotopia has had to endure different forms of supernatural onslaughts (giant hamster monsters, space alien meteor showers, dinosaurs wielding lightsabers, elderly supervillians forcing civilians to partake in their horrible fiber-based meals, ect.) until one fateful day where a young, middle school boy decides to walk into a local gas station and pick up what he calls “a sugary twist of fate.”

Dexter Dentyne thought it would be a good idea to pick up a candy bar on his way to his bi-weekly math club meeting. What poor Dexter DIDN’T know was that the candy bar he picked up was actually a failed experiment that was mistakenly released to the public by the National Candy Institution. This candy bar was known as ChemiCrunch, and not many were sold because of the unappealing title and the sickening greenish liquid oozing from the chocolate bar on the wrapper. This didn’t stop the daring Dexter from picking one up though, ironically  just 10 minutes before they were recalled by the government and immediately incinerated. However, after he bought it and took a bite, within moments he collapsed onto the sidewalk, also dropping the candybar; green liquid oozing from it. When Dexter woke up, he discovered something odd when he kicked a soccer ball into a small child, sending the child flying backwards into a wall. Super strength. Remembering that he was late to his meeting, he ran as fast as he could toward the school….too fast…He noticed as he ran the street behind him would immediately burst into flames due to the friction of his feet. Super speed. Just for kicks, he decided to jump to see what would happen. When he jumped, he didnt return to the ground. Flight.

It was later discovered that only 50 of these chocolate bars were sold and consumed. These few consumers were known throughout the city as “Crunchers,” super beings with a variety of powers used for good…and evil.

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