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Alec Soth and Robin Rhode

October 27th, 2013

Alec Soth is an artist and photographer who’s works have have been exhibited across the U.S. and Europe. His photographs center around the reminiscence of his home back in Minnesota and the ideas of meeting and “finding chemistry with strangers.” His most popular work was Sleeping by the Mississippi (2004), which was a book featuring various photographs of people and places in his hometown. Another work was Fashion Magazine (2007), where he took portraits of beautiful French women and compared them to women from his Minnesota home. He does this to explain how he sees women and why he sees them a certain way. He enjoys taking photos of timeworn settings because he’s more interested in what the photos have to say rather than the elements in them.

I think alot of Alec Soth’s photographs could work really well as movie stills because of the stories that each photograph could convey. I think my favorite photo from Soth is “Herman’s Bed” from the Sleeping by the Mississippi series. This image contains so much variety and color that one would think that the economy was way overdone. It’s not because despite the amount of objects in the background and on the ceiling, the red bed in the center brings the whole photograph together. Among the chaos, it provides a place for the eye to rest. This image struck me so much because it sort of reminds me of what goes on in my mind as I’m laying on my bed…thoughts and scenarios rolling back and forth, people, recollections, stories, ideas, fears, and plans for the future. (This is basically my A.D.D. in a nutshell.) Gosh, I wish I could have this picture as a poster on my wall.


Robin Rhode is a South African multidisciplinary artist who combines visuals and storytelling to create 2D pieces that interact with 3D spaces. He creates his art using temporary tools, such as chalk, charcoal, and soap, and he uses them to comment on subjects of urban youth and socio-economic issues. He also specializes in animation, modeling, photography, and performance on a variety of canvases. Many of his works utilize an animation storyboard format to show spatial movement overtime, such as in the piece below called “A Spanner in the Works of Infinity.” He does this to combine visuals and storytelling to create 2D pieces that interact with 3D spaces. Rhode has given a new light to the aesthetics of urban culture and it feels like one could jump right into his works and become apart of the art.


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