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November 4th, 2013

Normal BoyDiscoveryVillainRichmond AttackSignal

One Response to ““Crunchtastic!””

  1. Alison Lee says:

    1- The main character is introduced. He is in school doing math problems. I find the angle used in this photograph to be very interesting.

    2- It appears the main character has taken a bite out of a toxic candy bar while walking along the sidewalk.

    3- It seems as though the candy bar greatly affected the main character, and gave him some sort of super powers. It appears as though it turned him evil or to “the dark side.”

    4- It seems as though there is an enormous dinosaur taking over the town/city.

    5- Even though there are no figures/characters in the final photo, I get the sense that the main character is using his new powers to fight off the dinosaur and help save the city.

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